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Clienting: Digital Legal Marketing

Jul 16, 2018

Gyi & Kelly talk with Jordan Couch of Palace Law about how values inform their marketing and client development. 

Jordan L. Couch is an attorney and Cultural Ambassador at Palace Law where his practice focuses on plaintiff's side workers’ compensation and personal injury litigation. Outside of his practice Jordan is heavily involved in state, local, and national bar associations, advocating for a better, more client-centric future to the legal profession. Find him on social media @jordanlcouch or email

This episode covers: 

- How to integrate core values in work life so they become part of your firm's client interactions. 

- How to talk to clients about your values.

- Using your company values on social media. Palace Law's Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for examples.

- Thinking creatively to provide benefits to your clients, like Palace Law's case calculator.

- Value of the month to ingrain each one in daily work life.

- Encouraging and recognizing when a firm employee displays the firm values.

- Transparency and teamwork to benefit the entire team AND clients.

- Advertising as your authentic self, which gives potential clients the opportunity to see who you are and connect with you.