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Clienting: Digital Legal Marketing

Sep 10, 2018

Janine Sickmeyer is CEO and Founder of NextChapter, a web application for attorneys to prepare, manage and file bankruptcy cases online. Janine is particularly fascinated in the intersection between law and technology and was honored as one of ABA's Women of Legal Tech 2017. Starting as a paralegal, she saw a need for cloud-based bankruptcy software, taught herself to code, built a team of skilled developers and launched NextChapter two years later in 2016.
  • It's about the people and not necessarily your practice. Share employees, clients, and telling stories. 
  • Instagram & Facebook for developing your brand and help recruit employees that fit your culture.
  • Janine talks about how NextChapter does newsletters, beyond the normal articles or webinar signups. 
  • Facebook ads take time to learn but try them for $10 per day and see what happens. Play around with targeting to find your ideal audience by occupation, interests, and more. Use Facebook pixel to track and retarget website visitors.
  • Twitter for law firms- how are people using it in 2018? 
  • Social media marketing is more than putting stuff out there- you have to have a strategy or goal in mind, whether it is brand awareness or getting more clients.