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Clienting: Digital Legal Marketing

May 6, 2019

Gyi Tsakalakis and Kelly Street were joined by Joseph Wilson, an Atlanta-based trial attorney who uses Instagram for client development.

Joseph Wilson is a personal injury trial attorney at JL Wilson Trial Law, and specializes in motor vehicle collision cases, trucking collisions, as well as negligent security cases. 

Joseph started his law firm in January 2018 and as a bootstrapping entrepreneur-attorney, was looking for methods to inexpensively promote his law firm and cases. As a young lawyer, he turned to a method that was familiar to him, Instagram and Facebook.

Joseph was a lead lawyer on the case against the "Rapping Doctor" and utilized the PR from that case to promote his law firm and help find other potential clients who may have been affected.

He takes the approach of educator and shares his knowledge and life on his online social media profiles. He does not use his posts as outright advertisements but as "added value" for his followers and potential clients. He strives to make his posts authentic and engaging for followers, to stand out from what people think about lawyers.

Joseph understands that plaintiff's attorneys may have a bad reputation, so he purposefully shows his family and lifestyle in his profile. This helps potential clients see him as a father, husband, and generally kind, hardworking person, instead of the typical hard-hitting personal injury attorney.

Instagram bio tip: Write out your particular practice areas in your bio, because the general public may not understand what "personal injury" or "trial lawyer" means. Listing out "car accidents, slip-and-fall, medical malpractice" is much more meaningful to non-lawyers.

Where does Joseph find the time to cultivate his online marketing? Priorities. He begins each day with social media marketing and a calendar appointment on Thursdays to post legal tips, PR videos, and more. 

Is Joseph actually getting clients from his efforts on Instagram? Yes! In the last year, 20-25 at least. When he posts verdicts or legal tip posts, he gets Direct Messages from potential clients.

Hashtag use: Joseph uses relevant hashtags and tags his location as Georgia, but finds that pictures and informative captions are more meaningful than specific hashtags.

The JL Wilson website has a feature using "Click to Facetime" that allows potential and current clients to use Facetime instead of face-to-face meetings or consultations and giving another access option.

For his short time in solo practice, Joseph has a great review profile built up online. He encourages clients to leave reviews easily with email links and more. His web design and marketing company, Moxster, aggregated his reviews on his website to make sure potential clients would see their social proof and be assured of his expertise.

Joseph is working on creating a Rolodex of professionals, building a referral network and help other business people, using genuine reciprocity. He cares a lot about the law of reciprocity.