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Clienting: Digital Legal Marketing

May 20, 2019

Your ears are not deceiving themselves, Kelly interviews attorney Taymoor Pilehvar without Gyi Tsakalakis in this episode. 

Taymoor Pilehvar is an immigration attorney out of South Florida whose clients are athletes, entertainers, investors, workers, and family members.  He markets his services primarily using social media and engages his audience with methods considered unorthodox in the legal field.

Taymoor moved to Florida specifically to practice immigration.

Taymoor uses Facebook and Instagram primarily to attract clients. Kelly saw one of his posts about working with a sports influencer client and was intrigued by how he is using social media for client development in that particular client niche.

Claudius Vertesi - scooter pro

Is Taymoor getting clients for all of his efforts? Yes! He makes sure to include his Instagram handle on his business cards to passively market to his followers. 

Taymoor had not used social media prior to starting his law firm and learned while starting his firm, that he needed to do free marketing to build an online profile. Early on in his firm, he was living in his office because he couldn't afford an apartment and an office. He worked hard to build an online presence because it was a free way to get clients and he could do it all from his phone. During this time, he drove Lyft until he built up a client base. He actually has worked on a case for a Lyft ride he gave! 

Use likes, shares, and comments to gauge client interest and happiness. 

Certain practice areas can use luxury to intimidate and set expectations for clients, but immigration is typically not one of those. Taymoor lets his personality show in his content for the purpose of breaking down barriers between himself and clients.

Taymoor uses Direct Messages to communicate with potential clients. In Florida, the ethics rules around social media say to apply the rules of email to direct messages. 

Fake followers: Taymoor bought 200 followers or bots, to boost his follower count. Kelly 'caught' it, he owned it and explains why he uses fake followers. 

CALLOUT: Are there any lawyers working on influencer regulations?

His clients come from interpersonal interactions and then he nurtures the relationships through social media. 

Fun fact: Taymoor was featured on Judge Judy, unintentionally, to get money back from bad tenants.