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Clienting: Digital Legal Marketing

Sep 30, 2019

  • Travis Patterson is the Managing Partner of Patterson Law Group – a family-owned plaintiff’s personal injury practice in Fort Worth, Texas. Travis is extremely fortunate to be law partners with his beautiful wife Anna Patterson and his supportive father, Mike Patterson, who started the firm in 1995. When not working with his clients or on the practice, Travis can be seen in endless pursuit of his and Anna’s two young sons – Hayes and Jack – and two goldendoodles – Graham and Graford.


  • Marketing overview- what is your law firm doing to get clients? 
  • Where are clients in their lives when they do legal outreach? What are your client's expectations upon contacting you?
  • "Inside Out Marketing." Starting from the inside of your firm (current clients) and work your way out (future clients). 
    • What does your office look like? 
    • Create a client experience to set the tone for your clients:
      • What expectations are you setting when you answer the phone and they enter your office?
    • Reviews that support referrals 
    • Proactive Communication
    • Show up as a "human" for your clients.
  • Diversifying your marketing: SEO, Videos, Paid Facebook (retargeting), Referral sources, etc.
    • Where you are marketing must match your expected outcome and where clients are in the sales funnel.
    • Retargeting is an important element of online marketing.
  • For Lawyers section on your website- is that working well?
  • Website within a website: Secondary/Spanish website
  • Erin Gerstenzang article about being nice to your clients