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Clienting: Digital Legal Marketing

Oct 28, 2019

Sam's Bio: In 2013, I took the leap to start a virtual law firm right after law school so I could help entrepreneurs start their business and so that I could work online from anywhere in the world at the same time. Since then I've served 3,000 entrepreneurs start their business and I'm the only lawyer with more than 1,000 Google reviews.
I recently became the first lawyer in the ClickFunnels 2CommaClub ($1M generated with a funnel). I founded LegalFunnel which builds and manages automated and scalable funnels to generate legal clients so that other lawyers can find the same success with their own law firm!
✅ First Lawyer with more than 1,000 5-Star Google reviews
✅ First Lawyer in ClickFunnels 2CommaClub
✅ Served 3,000+ entrepreneurs start their business in 4 years
Topics We Discuss
1. What's a Legal Funnel and how lawyers can get started with building their own automated client-generating funnel
Legal Funnel is a system that allows you to generate clients for your law firm on an automated-basis where a prospect enters a funnel and at the end of the funnel is converted to a retained client. Here’s the 4 essential parts of a Legal Funnel:
1. Traffic with either Google Ads, Facebook ads, or YouTube videos (videos)
2. Landing Page to convert the potential clients to leads (lawyers are not doing it correctly, keep it simple)
3. Content (Automated Email Series, Videos, Blog Valuable Content to nurture relationship and maintain communication to close clients over the phone (provide value before selling)
4. Retargeting on Facebook, YouTube, and Google to bring back potential clients.
2. How to consistently get Google reviews from your clients
3. 3 tools to automate your law firm
1. Upwork
2. Calendly
3. MixMax
4.  Valuable lessons I've learned in the past 4 years as an attorney 
1. 80/20 principle: 80 of your results come from 20% of your effort, I urge you to find what’s working for you and double down on it,
2. Clients like working with PEOPLE and not companies so make your face and story prominent on your website — don’t make your website all about you, but make sure they know what you look like and your story before they call you.
3. Follow up is EVERYTHING — 80-90% of my sales are done through the follow up. I use MixMax for my email follow-up.