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Clienting: Digital Legal Marketing

Dec 9, 2019

For this episode, Kelly is joined by Raif Palmer, an Illinois Family Law Attorney, to dive deep on client experience and how to streamline, improve, and incorporate technology in a mindful way. 

Raiford Palmer is a shareholder in a 12 attorney divorce and family law firm, Sullivan Taylor, Gumina and Palmer, P.C. (now d/b/a STG Divorce Law).  The firm serves clients in the Chicagoland area. He has a passion for client service and law firm management, and truly enjoys working with the team at the firm to help clients improve their lives and those of their families. When not working, Raif enjoys wall climbing, skiing, surfing, and paintball with his wife (and law partner) Juli and their children.

Face-to-Face > Email, Text, Phone in Client Experience

Client Development- sharing files, Slack & private channels for client communication, using Clio & Clio Grow, has lots of referral business but they also do technology and marketing- want to grow and not just stay in neutral, resistant to change and how that affects the practice.

The practice of law and being a good lawyer is table stakes- it’s the rest of this stuff that makes all the difference.

Rebranding your firm- how to carefully do this and make sure your clients aren’t confused. Work with a branding expert and make the changes slowly over a short period of time, transitioning your brand more than full rebranding.

How being resistant to change is holding you, your law firm, and your clients back from better outcomes.

How to add something new? Experiment on a small scale, try limited options or have just one lawyer try the new technology and see how it works before you roll out to everyone in the firm.

Humanizing your firm: Read your reviews and know what people are saying about you and your law firm online.

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