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Clienting: Digital Legal Marketing

Jan 27, 2020

Who are Ryan McKeen and Hailey Rice?

  • Ryan is the CEO of Connecticut Trial Firm, LLC. In 2019, Connecticut Trial Firm was ranked #15 on the Law Firm 500 list of fastest growing law firms in the United States. Ryan is also a co-author of the best selling "Tiger Tactics: Powerful Strategies for Winning Law Firms". He speaks around the country helping lawyers build practices that transform the way law is practiced. 
  • Hailey Rice is a Connecticut-based personal injury attorney, zealous social media participant, and host of the Woman on Top podcast.  Hailey approaches content generation and marketing through the lenses of leadership, modernizing law practice and the unique challenges faced by women in business.

How is your law firm getting clients?

  • Organically grown - slow and steady growth, which allowed them to build strategically over time. 
  • Blogging since 2007
  • Working with a digital marketing agency:
    • This has become table stakes for a personal injury firm. Ryan discusses how it has become essential to the firm to have someone who is dedicated to understanding the chnages on Google and focus on link-building to keep their law firm top of mind with all of the algorithm changes.
  • Content Marketing
    • Web pages
    • Book (Tiger Tactics)
    • Social Media
  • Local link-building
    • movie rental
  • Videos
  • LinkedIn for Lawyer referrals
  • Lead tracking and Data


  • Woman On Top (iTunes)
  • TikTok (@thehgr) - Hailey is experimenting with this social media platform to see how lawyers can leverage it by staying up on trends.