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Clienting: Digital Legal Marketing

Mar 30, 2020

This episode of Clienting is with a lawyer and podcasting powerhouse, Morris Lilienthal. 

Mo is a lawyer at Martinson & Beason in Huntsville Alabama. The son of a judicial assistant, Mo is a passionate lawyer, advocate for March of Dimes and a passionate advocate for life & sports in Alabama. 

Podcast: The Mo Show (Live) on FB Live and then YouTube and then podcast - podcasting for 2 1/2 years

We talk about Mo's Podcast process, the equipment he uses (it's easy and inexpensive), how Mo finds guests, and what he does once the podcast/Facebook Live is recorded. 

  • What do you do with the podcast once it's recorded?
    • Blogs, links, repurpose content, eNewsletter
  • Personal Brand --> pushed through the firm
    • Share your Why?
    • March of Dimes, Family team, 
      • TV Appearances
    • Building an interest base in Alabama
      • Rotary, MADD, sports
        • Trash Pandas
    • Local links/SEO
      • Rocket City Moms

Other shows that you can hear Mo talk about his "Why's" and marketing efforts.