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Clienting: Digital Legal Marketing

Dec 3, 2018

Gyi and Kelly connected with Kim Bennett on her approach to marketing with a non-traditional law firm model. This episode bridges the gap between business development and marketing, which is how Kim approaches her own business as well as her work with clients. 

K Bennett Law LLC is a boutique trademark, business, and employment law practice providing subscription and on-demand, flat fee virtual general counsel services focused on helping clients protect their brands and grow profitable, sustainable businesses.

Virtual, subscription-based firm. What does that mean, how does one do that? 

Creating a firm with unique differentiators sets you apart but also provides a new type of service level. 

Looking at your client's issue holistically- is this 'bigger' than the issue they are coming to you for? This can build more goodwill with clients and create a longer-term relationship than just a one-time issue. 

Lead nurturing- educating clients far in advance of retaining them as a client. 

Working in a shared space, or coworking space, can help you find the clients that match your practice area. It can also give you access to teach and educate about your knowledge. Kim talks about how she works within ethical bounds while working in a coworking space.