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Clienting: Digital Legal Marketing

Dec 31, 2018

For this episode of Clienting, Gyi and Kelly answered marketing questions from former Clienting guests.

Audio questions: 

  • Alex Barthet-
    • Blog called the Lien Zone about construction topics- trying to show up on SERP's as the featured snippet. Single best thing to do to appear in the snippets? Should he care about showing up in the snippets? 
      • How? The content should answer a question, must be high-quality (comprehensive, entertaining/engaging, etc), has to be 'the best answer.' 
        • Search for what you want to rank for, see what comes up. Also look at the People Also Ask box
        • Create something better
        • Already showing up in page 1 is a good place to start
        • Keep paragraphs short (40-50 words) and structure the content with bullets, etc.
      • Should you care?
  • Jared Correia-  
    • Lawyers are flummoxed by social media- can lawyers pick one medium for social media and which one should they choose?  
    • Jared's son, Joe: How do I get other kids to trade me their good pokemon cards for my weak pokemon cards? 
  • Jason Beahm-
    • Are there any tricks to running successful PPC campaigns without spending tons of money? For example, I have heard that this can work with long tail keywords, is this true? :)

      • PPC Hero
      • Brad Geddes
      • Kirk Williams - PPC Kirk
    • If you could only recommend one or two kinds of content to create and market, what would that look like? Where to put your energy right now if you feel like maybe this is an area that has been lacking.

Written questions: 

  • Sam Glover- 
    • What Yoast SEO plugin settings should I check or change after installing it on a new website? And is the pro version worth paying for?
  • Erin Levine- 
    • What platform do you use to build sites for clients? WordPress? Wix? Why?
    • If a client has a limited budget and wants to work with you, what do you suggest that they start with first? Updating website? SM presence?
    • Do your copywriter services including pitching to media? If not, do you have a go to resource to help guide us on that endeavor?
    • When planning marketing services for a particular client, what factors do you consider besides the obvious (budget)? Size of firm? Where the clients are?
    • How are you able to satisfy your taco craving when you live in the mid-west? Is there really any good Mexican food there? 
  • Jordan Couch- 
    • What’s the best way for attorneys to gather data and measure return on investment in social media marketing? It seems like just measuring social media engagement isn’t sufficient since you could have a very active following without any of them converting into clients.
      • Likes, comments shares (vanity metrics)
      • Reach
      • Audience engagement
      • Site traffic
      • Leads generated
      • Sign-ups and conversions
      • Revenue generated
      • downloads
    • Tracking: FB Pixel, UTM parameters