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Clienting: Digital Legal Marketing

Jul 1, 2019

Gyi Tsakalakis has a lot of interests but links are in the top 5. Kelly likes links too but isn't quoted like Gyi is. 

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"meh, links" - The Origin Story

It's great to have structured data, a fast website, and other SEO factors but Gyi proposes that link-building is the number one SEO tool to move the needle on ranking. 

Challenge: If you have pages that are ranking without links, send them our way! 

Link-Building Expertise:

  • Link buying; if you pay for content, we do not consider that to be link-buying. We're talking "here's some money, put this link on your site" which Google does not like. 
    • Sponsorships and donations in your local area are typically helpful and not harmful.
  • Good links; 
    • Domain authority- don't put all your weight on these numbers. It does matter if the site is topically relevant o your audience.
    • Local links, reputable websites
  • Directories;
    • Fill out the free profile but these are NOT high-quality links
    • Paid profiles are typically not going to help for links but could still get you clients because you have a promoted profile.
  • Free strategies; 
    • Unlinked Mentions
      • Google Alerts
      • Mention
    • Link Reclamation