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Clienting: Digital Legal Marketing

Jul 15, 2019

Melissa Emery is the owner of Emery Law Office in Louisville, KY. She has built a successful practice out of standing up for the little guy, which is fitting because her story is one of defying the odds at every turn.

When starting her own firm a few years ago, Melissa had her team call her former clients to update their address and information. This gave them an ‘in’ to reconnect and get referrals and permission to market to them via newsletter or email.

Understanding your clients- Melissa knew from her intake that most of her clients don’t use email but they do use Facebook. She found this out by asking if they could email accident photos to her and they didn’t know their emails but they did have one because they had to in order to create a Facebook account.

Offline Marketing

  • Monthly Newsletter - mailer, goes out to past & current clients, referral sources, other lawyers, personal network
    • Not focused on law, more of a personal approach
  • Phone call check-ins; her great staff helps with this, based on policies and procedures
  • Birthday cards; Derby cards

Online Marketing: 

  • Videos: Quality videos on your website are great for a one-off, but you can do simpler videos in your marketing. On Instagram stories, type out your audio because people often listen with the sound off.
  • Reviews: Learned the hard way that if you get too many reviews in a short period of time, Google will start filtering those reviews. Create a review curation process and teach your staff.