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Clienting: Digital Legal Marketing

Mar 2, 2020

Marco Brown is the lead attorney at Brown Law, a Utah Family Law Firm focusing on providing affordable, flat-rate divorce services. Marco is a husband, father, and divorce attorney in Salt Lake City, Utah. Nothing makes him happier than cooking, eating, and traveling, except maybe reading.

This episode focuses on capturing the low-hanging fruit of more money without necessarily spending money.

We talk about creating a flywheel - the cyclical process of client experience.

As a small business owner, Marco also shares how he has been able to find and have money to market his firm AND learn how to attract the clients that his law firm wants to serve.

  • Automation- what can you automate to help create less friction and more money.
  • Following Marco's rules:
    • Setting up systems, especially payment.
    • Fire your worst client this week. Get rid of that person, you will make more money.
    • Specialization in one area of the law.

Marco's technology to use:

  • Google suite,
  • Clio,
  • Scheduling,
  • Zapier