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Clienting: Digital Legal Marketing

Apr 30, 2018

On this episode of Clienting, Gyi and Kelly are joined by Nicole Abboud, a new-age content marketing expert, and owner of Abboud Media. She hosts her own great podcast as well, Leaders Love Company, where you can learn more about leading a company and creating a great work life. 

We talked about:

  • How videos are not advertisements. The new way to think about a video is in the form of problem-solving. Video is no longer about you, it's about the client. 
  • Tips: be in a place where you feel comfortable and won't be interrupted, share 1-2 tips, have a plan for what you'll say, share a story or statistics, ask people to share your video, create compelling content that is shareable
  • What to use for videos: tripod, have a plan, schedule the videos, use your smartphone, make sure you consider lighting (try to be near a window for natural light or buy a selfie light)
  • Where to put videos: Go where your audience is, which has become everywhere! Also, Youtube, the 2nd largest search engine. Consider the place you prefer to be, which one do you like: Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook?


  • Jim Hacking - immigration attorney, uses video and photos for great client testimonials. 
  • Mitch Jackson-, a lawyer using social media and video to its' fullest potential and is seeing the results in the form of clients.
  • Bryan Wilson- the Texas Law Hawk, created viral videos to get more clients and brand himself. He's not afraid of mocking himself or law in order to break barriers between lawyer/clients.
  • BombBomb email video to send videos as emails and make more of a connection.

Find Nicole on Instagram: nic_abboud or