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Clienting: Digital Legal Marketing

Apr 2, 2018

In this episode, Gyi and Kelly talk with Jared Correia of Red Cave Law Firm Consulting about Using Technology to Build Your Client Journey. We had a great time and got into some really great discussions on how to improve your intake process and use social media in a more effective and time efficient way. 

We discussed: 

  • What is the Client Journey (or Quest)? 
  • Optimizing your intake process and make sure to create multiple contact opportunities with potential and current clients.
  • Stay in touch with your clients, follow up every 6 weeks, even after the case is closed. 
  • Develop and use templates or follow-up strategy. Write it down and perfect it before you set up automation in your CRM or practice management software. 
  • An email drip campaign can be very effective in maintaining a connection to potential clients. 
  • Automate your social media posts using Hootsuite, Raven tools, Tweet deck or others.
  • Look into Zapier plugins that can connect your CRM or practice management software with your website intake forms or chatbots.