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Clienting: Digital Legal Marketing

Oct 14, 2019

Delisi Friday- Marketing Director at Cowen | Rodriguez | Peacock

What is it like to be an in-house marketer at a law firm?

How does the law firm get clients?

How do you avoid "the-all-things-to all people"- the idea that I have to be an expert at everything" scenario?

Advice for people hiring an in-house marketer?

  • Delisi manages all of the firm's marketing and business development initiatives. Incorporating marketing and the client development process makes sure their potential and current clients have a seamless experience, and that expectations set in marketing are met in the office. 
  • Off The Record- a monthly magazine exclusively for attorneys,
  • Trial Lawyer Nation- a legal podcast for attorneys in over 70 countries, 
  • Business development;
    • Nurturing of referral attorney relationships, 
      • utilizing the corporate suite at the AT&T Center and,
      • planning CLE seminars for attorneys.