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Clienting: Digital Legal Marketing

Apr 30, 2018

On this episode of Clienting, Gyi and Kelly are joined by Nicole Abboud, a new-age content marketing expert, and owner of Abboud Media. She hosts her own great podcast as well, Leaders Love Company, where you can learn more about leading a company and creating a great work life. 

We talked about:

  • How videos are not...

Apr 16, 2018

For this episode of Clienting, Gyi and Kelly talk about how you can reach a new set of potential clients by expanding your network and building new opportunities. The conversation is broken down into new lawyer marketing and tips for more established practices. 

They discuss how you can use LinkedIn and their

Apr 2, 2018

In this episode, Gyi and Kelly talk with Jared Correia of Red Cave Law Firm Consulting about Using Technology to Build Your Client Journey. We had a great time and got into some really great discussions on how to improve your intake process and use social media in a more effective and time efficient way.