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Clienting: Digital Legal Marketing

Feb 17, 2020

Josh Gerben is a trademark attorney and founder of Gerben Law Firm, PLLC. The law firm was created by Mr. Gerben to help small and large businesses alike have access to trademark lawyers who are affordable and responsive to their needs.

Mr. Gerben represents a wide range of clients, ranging from small start-up businesses to large multinational corporations. Since beginning his practice, Mr. Gerben has represented clients in over 4,000 trademark matters.

Marketing your law firm vs. the business of law

What to ask a marketing agency:

  • What budget is necessary and is needed to move the needle and get results. Without understanding what the time and budget investment are, honestly, you may not spend enough or get results?
  • What kind of work will the agency do? Content, on-site work, types and amount of link-building (and links are super important),
  • Monitor your agency and make sure you get reports on the things that are important to your law firm’s growth.


  • Great for building a network and increasing visibility in your field.
  • Haven’t gotten clients as of yet but Josh is working on getting there!

Direct Mail

  • Josh and Gerben Law have tried to incorporate direct mailer boxes to increase their network but those haven’t panned out thus far.

Positioning yourself against commoditized legal services.

Try not to sell the unsellable.

  • Competing with LegalZoom, quality and pricing, managing pressure on fees

Business of Law

Using this aspect to get referrals, speaking engagements, create a public image and PR

Josh has been featured on Fox News, NPR, New York Times, Wall Street Journal - how are those things happening? 

  • Leads that go unresponded to and why- practical daily business
  • Understanding who your clients are and how to attract them
  • Selling to someone who isn't going to buy- how to manage this when feeling 'desperate'
    • Templates for responses?